It is the most exclusive fleur de sel and coveted by European chefs thanks to its unique preparation during only two months a year in Colima, Mexico .

Collected and stored under the highest quality standards , it is a friendly salt for the whole family, free of microplastics and rich in magnesium , perfect for enhancing flavors and textures.

XALTE represents


Produced by hand and under the highest quality standards , ensuring its purity and exceptional flavor.


With only 15% sodium , Xalte is a friendly option for the whole family and is especially recommended for people with high blood pressure or who are looking for a low sodium diet. In addition, it is free of microplastics and high in magnesium , an essential mineral for health.


With its exquisite artisan flavor of fleur de sel, it adds a touch of culinary elegance and enhances the flavor and texture of any dish, becoming the essential ingredient to delight the most demanding palates.


Xalte is a unique and exclusive salt, produced only two months a year and with an incomparable flavor and texture, which makes it highly coveted by chefs and gastronomy lovers around the world.

  • Miguel Cervantes

    "As a chef, I have tried many high-quality salts, but none compare to Xalte. Its smooth, delicate crystals dissolve on the tongue and enhance the flavor of my dishes like no other salt can. It is a true culinary gem! "

  • anna lopez

    "I am a person with hypertension and I have always had to limit my salt intake. Since I discovered Xalte, I can enjoy the salty taste without worrying about my health. It is a high quality salt and low in sodium, which is perfect for me ."

  • Juan Fransisco Gomez

    "I recently discovered Xalte and fell in love with its unique flavor. As a cook, I love experimenting with different salts in my dishes, and Xalte has definitely taken my cooking to the next level. I can't wait to continue exploring its incredible flavor. "

  • Carlos Gomez

    "I have always been very careful with what I eat and try to avoid processed and chemical foods. Xalte is a completely natural salt, without microplastics or additives, and its flavor is simply incredible. I love knowing that I am consuming a quality product that It's good for my body and my palate."

  • Jose Armando

    "I can't believe what Xalte has done for my grill. I am a keen griller, but always struggled to get the right salt for my meats. Since I started using Xalte, I have noticed an incredible difference in the flavor of my roasts. It really elevates the flavor of meat and makes it a completely new tasting experience."

  • Marisol Fuentes

    "Xalte is a salt that has completely changed my perception of salt. I always thought that salt was just salt, but after trying Xalte, I realized that this is not the case. The flavor is subtle, but at the same time intense, and its delicacy is incomparable. Definitely, I can't go back to using any other salt after trying Xalte."

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